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According to the Financial Times (Melanie Abrams January 14, 2019) Swiss watches were up about 7 per cent by value in 2018 with new markets emerging in Indonesia, Singapore and Sri Lanka and a thriving second-hand market worldwide.

At Gap Capital, we receive many watches as they are an ideal asset to use on a loan if you have the right make and model. If you have such, then it can be used quickly and discreetly to raise short-term finance.

As an example, in 2018 a local Hove property developer client had a property on the market for sale. The property was under offer, however the buyers sale was delayed in completion due to awaiting documentation that would take some time to process.

Our client was awaiting funds from the completion and needed a ready cashflow immediately to clear some pressing bills. He had a luxury watch which he had purchased a few years previously. He used this watch as an asset to receive funds from us, transferred to his bank on the same day. The property duly completed, and he cleared the loan approximately 3 months later with us and collected his watch again.

The reason lenders such as Gap Capital like them so much is that they can easily be identified and a current market value ascertained quickly so a loan can normally be secured and in place within hours of making contact with us.

The strength of the second-hand watch market also means that a higher loan to value ratio can usually be achieved, obviously based on condition of the item.

There are also advantages to you of borrowing against an asset like a watch rather than selling it outright privately. If you try to sell something of value quickly and privately, you will often get less than market value. However, by taking a loan against it instead, funds can be with you same day and you still own that asset. You do not lose your asset and as soon as the loan is repaid the asset is back with you.

There are no credit checks or affordability assessments of any kind. There will be no record of the loan recorded on your credit history and as a result, there is then no impact on any current or future borrowings.

All loans by us are dealt with in a completely discreet and confidential manner. We can visit you or you can come to our office.

So, if you have a Rolex, Patek Philippe or other luxury watch, remember you can utilise it as needed with us, quickly and discreetly. Simply call us on 01273 950900 to arrange an appointment at yours or at our office. If you’d rather email us first our email is

There is no charge for an initial chat and valuation of an asset, so if you have anything else of value other than a watch, we accept most luxury assets. Why not give us a call or email us for further information. We are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for your peace of mind.

Our entire business ethos is one of professionalism, integrity and trustworthiness.

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