The Benefits of Financing From Assets During These Uncertain Times

It certainly has been a roller-coaster of a few months for GBP Sterling and for the immediate weeks and possibly months ahead it appears that the British Pound may come under even more pressure.

The impact of all this volatility in currency markets means mainstream lending markets may change their terms and conditions and criteria without much notice also.

At Gap Capital, we lend against assets such as luxury watches, jewellery, classic cars, in fact anything of an intrinsic market value, so we are not tied to these currency markets.

We can also make offers and transfer funds quickly as required as we do not need to see your credit history, there is no credit check or footprint on your credit file and there is minimum paperwork to process. On top of this we also offer very competitive interest rates.

If you need short term financing to complete a project, adapt an existing business to counterbalance the current economic climate or if you simply need funds to tide you over until a bonus or payment cheque due is scheduled to arrive, then asset based loans can make a lot of sense.

Back to school time can mean hefty school fees. Are you due a payment for professional services rendered or expecting a payment to your business that is scheduled for after the school fees are due? Gap Capital provides short-term cash funding for such circumstances using assets as security.

For example, if you have a boat moored up at a marina, as we now head into Autumn, what are your monthly mooring fees? Will you be paying storage costs over the winter on this asset? If you don't need it, nor intend to use it for the next six months, then this could be used as an asset against a short term loan of six to seven months. The storage costs are then covered by Gap Capital during this period. You have immediate funds to use and the asset can be redeemed for use again once Spring/Summer approaches.

Similarly, if you have a classic car that you use in the summertime only and is garaged over winter and you require some short term funding now. That car can be used as collateral to provide funding now, and you have more space in your garage over winter.

We are independent and as such can look at each set of circumstances on its own merit and treat each of our individual clients requirements on a bespoke basis so we can tailor a loan and its criteria to suit your specific needs.

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