An Interview With Gap Capital

Our clients are wealthy, it’s just that their money is tied up in assets and they sometimes need instant cashflow”.

Gap Capital have recently opened a new office in their hometown of Brighton, Sussex, to cater for their growing local clientele who get in touch with a varied selection of personal luxury items, from watches and jewellery to personalised number plates, to classic cars languishing in garages.

Director, Richard Gallacher answers some of the most common questions he gets asked regularly.

What exactly does Gap Capital Do?

“We lend against any asset of value and typical lending is approximately 60-70% of the items value. Our clients retain ownership of their luxury items whilst in our possession and once the loan is repaid, the item is returned, or we can sell it on their behalf also at a later date if preferred.

As we lend solely on the value of the item, there are absolutely no credit checks, no credit footprint created and we can generally provide funds within 24 hours depending on the asset being offered”.

Is there a specific type of customer that you deal with?

“Gap Capital's client base stretches across Sussex and beyond and is a balance of private individuals and business. It includes local enterprises who may require funds in the short-term to further the business to increase cash-flow or whilst awaiting a deal completion, developers who want to complete a business or property project, new business launches, and individuals, of all ages, who may have a special event, luxury holiday, family occasion looming or indeed just need to cover outgoings like school fee's whilst awaiting cash-flow or payments due into them. Each of our client's needs and circumstances are different and being local we can sit down in person, at times to suit, and tailor our services to suit their specific requirements”.

What is the strangest item you've lent against?

“We have had loans against rare patterned fur, old railway switching gear and even a Corby Trouser Press! We currently have a 1959 vintage VW camper van in safe storage. We are open to all and any of the stranger and more wonderful assets but something must have an intrinsic market value of course, to begin with, and without doubt classic watches and vehicles are our most popular lending assets”.

Is there a lot of paperwork and form-filling like most financial applications?

“No, on the contrary, paperwork is to a minimum and no credit checks are required, as the asset being offered provides the security.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and work within the constraints of the Consumer Credit Act so all is very transparent and the monthly interest is competitive, usually between 3% to 7%.

We can generally turn around lending applications within a matter of a day or so. We assess the value of the item and offer funding solely based on that. Some items may require more time to assess and authenticate”.

What are the most popular items you receive?

“Luxury watch brands such as Rolex, Piguet, Breitling, Hublot and Patek Philippe tend to be pretty consistent all year around.

Gold and fine jewellery, especially older styles that may not be as fashionable now, classic cars, (we have a secure storage compound where you will find many classic Mercedes, Porsche and other models but its location is top secret!). We also use specialised storage for fine wines and vintage ports. All goods are fully insured whilst in our care and are maintained, ready for owners to collect when required”.

Your new office is centrally located in Brighton, is there is parking there!

“Yes, we choose this location precisely for this reason. We have client parking on-site so you can safely transport any item, park up and discreetly pop in to us. We also offer home visits if preferred, our cars are unbranded and we are always discreet and confidential in all our deals.

We recommend calling ahead to book in a time to visit our office or for us to visit, so we can then give you our full attention and discuss your requirements. In principle, we can often provide a decision same-day and funds within 24 hours. We have provided funding on a same-day basis on certain occasions in the past”.

Why should someone use Gap Capital over other funding options?

It may be due to a non-standard income pattern (e.g. if working offshore or overseas and awaiting payment or running a seasonal business), a difficult credit history or personal circumstances, such as an expensive divorce, self-employment or not fitting into the regular criteria sought by high street lenders.

We are independent, not affiliated to any bank, lending house or franchised operation and therefore we can provide a tailor made and bespoke service.

We use assets as security, (in fact, very much the same way your mortgage works, if you don't pay it, the lender takes possession of the property (asset).

We do offer loan extensions and are always as flexible as possible, however, if a situation arose where a client could not pay back, then the item is sold and if it achieves a higher sale price, any surplus funds after the loan is cleared, are paid back to the individual”.

If you want to find out more or book an appointment just contact Richard at Gap Capital at 01273 950 900 or email:

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