Friendly Finance

I don't know about you but I absolutely hate this new way of business being conducted in high street financial premises where the option of popping in and speaking discreetly in an office away from the counter seems to be disappearing.

I don't particularly want to announce to the world my current financial situation or queries with a queue of people behind me at a counter and I usually can't wait a week or two either for an appointment with a relevant person.

Like in the old days, when you could pop in and speak with the manager, I would like to be able to meet in person with a decision maker who can confirm options and timescales.

If you feel the same, then you're like us at Gap Capital. We work the old-fashioned way. Face to face with solid, fast decisions and totally confidential.

We are independent, we live locally in Brighton & Hove, Sussex and have no affiliations to any lending houses, banks or institutions. However, our business is conducted within the remit of the Financial Conduct Authority and Consumer Credit Act, thus providing our clients with peace of mind and reassurance that they are protected when dealing with an independent business such as ours.

Our business is the provision of short-term financial loans by utilising luxury assets as security without credit-checks or any credit footprint being created. Therefore, we, as the decision makers (and business owners ourselves), understand the ethos of complete discretion, quick decision making and transparency in costs and terms.

Many of our previous clients were completely unaware that such a service existed locally in Sussex and were initially wary (understandably) when making contact.

We are directors of several businesses so we fully understand that our customers do not want their financial arrangements to be public knowledge, especially in this age of data being used and shared and collected. We can assure you that customer details are never shared or discussed with anyone. Your personal credit rating also remains completely unaffected as we have no need to conduct any credit checks.

Our office by appointment in central Brighton has parking facilities. We can also travel to you if preferred, meeting at your home or office to discuss requirements and we can bring paperwork with us in instances where we have agreed on a loan amount in advance. We do not arrive in branded vehicles so discretion is assured at all times.

Our interest rates are a fraction of high street ones and we can provide a tailored and personalised service for you in full confidentiality, so please don't be hesitant or worried about making contact with us. Our number is 01273 950900 and we promise no queues or counters or “computers that say No”.

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