How much cash is on your wrist?

Recent fashion has led to many of us wearing fitness trackers on our wrists but these wearable tech pieces do not translate to a readily cashable asset in the same way as a Rolex or Breitling or other luxury brand watch does. Like classic cars or artwork, some luxury watch models are appreciating as you enjoy them.

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So, what is considered a luxury watch brand? Rolex and Cartier are the two that usually spring to mind instantly but other brands such as Patek Philippe, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Piguet, Hublot and certain Omega models are also names that retain good value as assets.

Like any luxury item, the condition, provenance, history and associated paperwork helps the residual value.

If your watch has the original box and paperwork showing the Serial Number, excellent. In fact, old Rolex boxes are very saleable in their own right. It's not a deal breaker if you do not have the original accessories but it does help.

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The brand and model – is it a limited edition piece, is it one of the more sought after models? If you have the Model Number to hand, that is useful for valuation purposes.

Is it a Quartz or Automatic? Quartz movement are usually battery powered. An automatic or mechanical movement can consist of between 50 and 250 parts consisting of gears and springs that power the movement. Due to this attention to detail in the build and with so many moving parts, a Rolex with an automatic movement that has been maintained can often be higher in value than one with a quartz movement.

If you've swapped the bracelet or changed it, do you have the original links and bracelet?

Certain older models of iconic watch brands are now often valued at more than a new model.

So, if you have one on your wrist, consider it as a moveable, walking asset.

If you would rather not be parted from it completely then your luxury watch can also be used as an asset for short-term loans. This type of lending lends on the value of the asset only, so there are no credit checks, minimal paperwork, with loan terms of up to seven months and as long as the loan is repaid, then your asset returns to you.

At Gap Capital, we have numerous clients throughout the South East of England who regularly use their watches for short-term loans to fund business or personal cash gaps or to raise funds quickly for projects or other urgent requirements.

We offer a discreet valuation service, and can usually give you a same-day quotation and most importantly, as we wear similar watches ourselves, we know how to look after yours safely whilst in our care and awaiting your return.

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