The Benefits of Financing From Assets During These Uncertain Times

It certainly has been a roller-coaster of a few months for GBP Sterling and for the immediate weeks and possibly months ahead it appears that the British Pound may come under even more pressure.

The impact of all this volatility in currency markets means mainstream lending markets may change their terms and conditions and criteria without much notice also.

At Gap Capital, we lend against assets such as luxury watches, jewellery, classic cars, in fact anything of an intrinsic market value, so we are not tied to these currency markets.

We can also make offers and transfer funds quickly as required as we do not need to see your credit history, there is no credit check or footprint on your credit file and there is minimum paperwork to process. On top of this we also offer very competitive interest rates.

If you need short term financing to complete a project, adapt an existing business to counterbalance the current economic climate or if you simply need funds to tide you over until a bonus or payment cheque due is scheduled to arrive, then asset based loans can make a lot of sense.

Back to school time can mean hefty school fees. Are you due a payment for professional services rendered or expecting a payment to your business that is scheduled for after the school fees are due? Gap Capital provides short-term cash funding for such circumstances using assets as security.

For example, if you have a boat moored up at a marina, as we now head into Autumn, what are your monthly mooring fees? Will you be paying storage costs over the winter on this asset? If you don't need it, nor intend to use it for the next six months, then this could be used as an asset against a short term loan of six to seven months. The storage costs are then covered by Gap Capital during this period. You have immediate funds to use and the asset can be redeemed for use again once Spring/Summer approaches.

Similarly, if you have a classic car that you use in the summertime only and is garaged over winter and you require some short term funding now. That car can be used as collateral to provide funding now, and you have more space in your garage over winter.

We are independent and as such can look at each set of circumstances on its own merit and treat each of our individual clients requirements on a bespoke basis so we can tailor a loan and its criteria to suit your specific needs.

Why not call us for an informal initial chat on 01273 950900 or email us to We are based in Brighton, Sussex and happy to travel to meet with you or by appointment at our Brighton offices.

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An Interview With Gap Capital

Our clients are wealthy, it’s just that their money is tied up in assets and they sometimes need instant cashflow”.

Gap Capital have recently opened a new office in their hometown of Brighton, Sussex, to cater for their growing local clientele who get in touch with a varied selection of personal luxury items, from watches and jewellery to personalised number plates, to classic cars languishing in garages.

Director, Richard Gallacher answers some of the most common questions he gets asked regularly.

What exactly does Gap Capital Do?

“We lend against any asset of value and typical lending is approximately 60-70% of the items value. Our clients retain ownership of their luxury items whilst in our possession and once the loan is repaid, the item is returned, or we can sell it on their behalf also at a later date if preferred.

As we lend solely on the value of the item, there are absolutely no credit checks, no credit footprint created and we can generally provide funds within 24 hours depending on the asset being offered”.

Is there a specific type of customer that you deal with?

“Gap Capital's client base stretches across Sussex and beyond and is a balance of private individuals and business. It includes local enterprises who may require funds in the short-term to further the business to increase cash-flow or whilst awaiting a deal completion, developers who want to complete a business or property project, new business launches, and individuals, of all ages, who may have a special event, luxury holiday, family occasion looming or indeed just need to cover outgoings like school fee's whilst awaiting cash-flow or payments due into them. Each of our client's needs and circumstances are different and being local we can sit down in person, at times to suit, and tailor our services to suit their specific requirements”.

What is the strangest item you've lent against?

“We have had loans against rare patterned fur, old railway switching gear and even a Corby Trouser Press! We currently have a 1959 vintage VW camper van in safe storage. We are open to all and any of the stranger and more wonderful assets but something must have an intrinsic market value of course, to begin with, and without doubt classic watches and vehicles are our most popular lending assets”.

Is there a lot of paperwork and form-filling like most financial applications?

“No, on the contrary, paperwork is to a minimum and no credit checks are required, as the asset being offered provides the security.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and work within the constraints of the Consumer Credit Act so all is very transparent and the monthly interest is competitive, usually between 3% to 7%.

We can generally turn around lending applications within a matter of a day or so. We assess the value of the item and offer funding solely based on that. Some items may require more time to assess and authenticate”.

What are the most popular items you receive?

“Luxury watch brands such as Rolex, Piguet, Breitling, Hublot and Patek Philippe tend to be pretty consistent all year around.

Gold and fine jewellery, especially older styles that may not be as fashionable now, classic cars, (we have a secure storage compound where you will find many classic Mercedes, Porsche and other models but its location is top secret!). We also use specialised storage for fine wines and vintage ports. All goods are fully insured whilst in our care and are maintained, ready for owners to collect when required”.

Your new office is centrally located in Brighton, is there is parking there!

“Yes, we choose this location precisely for this reason. We have client parking on-site so you can safely transport any item, park up and discreetly pop in to us. We also offer home visits if preferred, our cars are unbranded and we are always discreet and confidential in all our deals.

We recommend calling ahead to book in a time to visit our office or for us to visit, so we can then give you our full attention and discuss your requirements. In principle, we can often provide a decision same-day and funds within 24 hours. We have provided funding on a same-day basis on certain occasions in the past”.

Why should someone use Gap Capital over other funding options?

It may be due to a non-standard income pattern (e.g. if working offshore or overseas and awaiting payment or running a seasonal business), a difficult credit history or personal circumstances, such as an expensive divorce, self-employment or not fitting into the regular criteria sought by high street lenders.

We are independent, not affiliated to any bank, lending house or franchised operation and therefore we can provide a tailor made and bespoke service.

We use assets as security, (in fact, very much the same way your mortgage works, if you don't pay it, the lender takes possession of the property (asset).

We do offer loan extensions and are always as flexible as possible, however, if a situation arose where a client could not pay back, then the item is sold and if it achieves a higher sale price, any surplus funds after the loan is cleared, are paid back to the individual”.

If you want to find out more or book an appointment just contact Richard at Gap Capital at 01273 950 900 or email:

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Friendly Finance

I don't know about you but I absolutely hate this new way of business being conducted in high street financial premises where the option of popping in and speaking discreetly in an office away from the counter seems to be disappearing.

I don't particularly want to announce to the world my current financial situation or queries with a queue of people behind me at a counter and I usually can't wait a week or two either for an appointment with a relevant person.

Like in the old days, when you could pop in and speak with the manager, I would like to be able to meet in person with a decision maker who can confirm options and timescales.

If you feel the same, then you're like us at Gap Capital. We work the old-fashioned way. Face to face with solid, fast decisions and totally confidential.

We are independent, we live locally in Brighton & Hove, Sussex and have no affiliations to any lending houses, banks or institutions. However, our business is conducted within the remit of the Financial Conduct Authority and Consumer Credit Act, thus providing our clients with peace of mind and reassurance that they are protected when dealing with an independent business such as ours.

Our business is the provision of short-term financial loans by utilising luxury assets as security without credit-checks or any credit footprint being created. Therefore, we, as the decision makers (and business owners ourselves), understand the ethos of complete discretion, quick decision making and transparency in costs and terms.

Many of our previous clients were completely unaware that such a service existed locally in Sussex and were initially wary (understandably) when making contact.

We are directors of several businesses so we fully understand that our customers do not want their financial arrangements to be public knowledge, especially in this age of data being used and shared and collected. We can assure you that customer details are never shared or discussed with anyone. Your personal credit rating also remains completely unaffected as we have no need to conduct any credit checks.

Our office by appointment in central Brighton has parking facilities. We can also travel to you if preferred, meeting at your home or office to discuss requirements and we can bring paperwork with us in instances where we have agreed on a loan amount in advance. We do not arrive in branded vehicles so discretion is assured at all times.

Our interest rates are a fraction of high street ones and we can provide a tailored and personalised service for you in full confidentiality, so please don't be hesitant or worried about making contact with us. Our number is 01273 950900 and we promise no queues or counters or “computers that say No”.

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A Beginners Guide to Asset Based Loans for Personal Lending

There is a world of a difference between the pawn broking shops one sees on the high street with used camera's and phones in their windows and high end asset based lending and finance. Luxury assets such as jewellery, luggage, gold and watches are the most popular items to borrow against in asset lending.

Asset lenders will also consider a wider range of more unique assets such as fine wine, art and antiques, prestige cars etc. Typically, the loan to value (LTV) is between 60%-70% of the value of the item.

Asset based finance is exactly what it says on the tin. It is any kind of lending secured by an asset. This means, if the loan is not repaid, the asset is taken. In this sense, a mortgage is a good example of an asset-based loan.

Advantages of short-term asset based loans include the ability to get a fast and easy loan solution, (often in less than 24 hours) for a period of 7 months.

There is usually far less paperwork required as you often only need proof of ID and in some cases proof of purchase or the items provenance, to verify the asset’s authenticity.

Asset lenders don’t run any credit checks as they lend money against your assets so there is no requirement to check any credit rating and therefore there is no impact on your credit history or credit file.

You also retain your ownership of your assets whilst under loan so it is a great way of releasing the value of your assets without selling them. If you can’t repay the full loan amount, your asset will be sold by the lender to recover any potential losses and your credit history won’t be affected.

It offers early repayment options, as you can usually reclaim items early if you pay back the full loan amount and interest up to that day. This is quite handy if you need short term finance whilst awaiting a deal or sale to complete, need instant cash-flow to complete a business deal or to launch an new business or simply if you are awaiting funds or monies due to you and need some personal funds immediately.

You can request an extension for another six months by repaying the accrued interests and fees.

If you decide that you no longer really want the asset, then it can be sold to cover what is outstanding and. if there is any surplus from the sale proceeds after paying fees and charges, any balance is paid back to you.

In summary then it is flexible, fast, discreet and without impact on your credit rating.

Choose a reputable local company and if you can meet them in person all the better, as they may be able to tailor and personalise lending to your specific requirements.

Check that they are signed up to the Financial Conduct Authority and regulated by them.

Discuss the interest rates, which are normally between 4% and 7% per calendar month, depending on the asset and the amount being borrowed. Overall interest is generally calculated in simple terms up to the 7-month term so all very transparent and competitive whilst being underpinned by the FCA and Consumer Credit legislation.

In essence, asset based lending is an old industry with it’s roots in pawnbroking and is also very much a 21st century method of leveraging assets when needed and utilising possessions.

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According to the Financial Times (Melanie Abrams January 14, 2019) Swiss watches were up about 7 per cent by value in 2018 with new markets emerging in Indonesia, Singapore and Sri Lanka and a thriving second-hand market worldwide.

At Gap Capital, we receive many watches as they are an ideal asset to use on a loan if you have the right make and model. If you have such, then it can be used quickly and discreetly to raise short-term finance.

As an example, in 2018 a local Hove property developer client had a property on the market for sale. The property was under offer, however the buyers sale was delayed in completion due to awaiting documentation that would take some time to process.

Our client was awaiting funds from the completion and needed a ready cashflow immediately to clear some pressing bills. He had a luxury watch which he had purchased a few years previously. He used this watch as an asset to receive funds from us, transferred to his bank on the same day. The property duly completed, and he cleared the loan approximately 3 months later with us and collected his watch again.

The reason lenders such as Gap Capital like them so much is that they can easily be identified and a current market value ascertained quickly so a loan can normally be secured and in place within hours of making contact with us.

The strength of the second-hand watch market also means that a higher loan to value ratio can usually be achieved, obviously based on condition of the item.

There are also advantages to you of borrowing against an asset like a watch rather than selling it outright privately. If you try to sell something of value quickly and privately, you will often get less than market value. However, by taking a loan against it instead, funds can be with you same day and you still own that asset. You do not lose your asset and as soon as the loan is repaid the asset is back with you.

There are no credit checks or affordability assessments of any kind. There will be no record of the loan recorded on your credit history and as a result, there is then no impact on any current or future borrowings.

All loans by us are dealt with in a completely discreet and confidential manner. We can visit you or you can come to our office.

So, if you have a Rolex, Patek Philippe or other luxury watch, remember you can utilise it as needed with us, quickly and discreetly. Simply call us on 01273 950900 to arrange an appointment at yours or at our office. If you’d rather email us first our email is

There is no charge for an initial chat and valuation of an asset, so if you have anything else of value other than a watch, we accept most luxury assets. Why not give us a call or email us for further information. We are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for your peace of mind.

Our entire business ethos is one of professionalism, integrity and trustworthiness.

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Fattening The Goose

Yes, its that time of the year again for self-employed and business. A Christmas time tax bill. If you need some short-term funding to tide you over yuletide, then we can help.


tax return image.jpg

We are an independent Sussex based company. As we are not tied to any large financial institution, we can look at each individual request on a per case basis, providing quick answers, flexible lending and a tailored response, secured against an asset, to suit your own specific requirements. Our rates are competitive and there are absolutely no credit checks involved.

We have operated successful business ventures in Sussex for over a decade. As experienced directors we therefore understand the reality of unexpected bills and cash flow pressures at certain times of the year, that require quick decision making.

There is no charge for an initial chat and valuation of an asset, so if you have a gold watch, classic car, artwork, fine jewellery or anything else of value that you may not be using, then why not give us a call or email us for further information. We are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for your peace of mind.

01273 950900

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Smart Business

The traditional business model and workplace is changing radically as shown by companies such as Deliveroo, AirBnB, Uber and similar.

The UK workforce is now filled with people who choose to clock in and out of phone apps rather than turn up at set hours, so they can work to suit their own schedules. Businesses are adapting to new technologies and having to rethink traditional methods and financing a business is no exception to this change.

Gone are the days of having to grovel in a bank managers office with business plan under arm. Nowadays, more and more entrepreneurs and businesses leverage their own or family assets, (such as artwork, vehicles, gold and jewellery), not being used, to secure funding for start-ups, projects or business investments and development.

The benefits are no credit checking, fast decisions, flexible funding options with minimum red tape and paperwork.

At Gap Capital, we fund numerous business propositions so if you think you have the next big disruptive business or you want to expand or develop your existing one, call us on 01273 950900 or email us at

Based in Brighton, Sussex we provide quick asset backed loans for personal and business without any credit checks. We're friendly, approachable, experienced and we don't charge for an initial chat and advice.

We are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for your peace of mind.

01273 950900

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How much cash is on your wrist?

Recent fashion has led to many of us wearing fitness trackers on our wrists but these wearable tech pieces do not translate to a readily cashable asset in the same way as a Rolex or Breitling or other luxury brand watch does. Like classic cars or artwork, some luxury watch models are appreciating as you enjoy them.

Untitled design(7).png

So, what is considered a luxury watch brand? Rolex and Cartier are the two that usually spring to mind instantly but other brands such as Patek Philippe, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Piguet, Hublot and certain Omega models are also names that retain good value as assets.

Like any luxury item, the condition, provenance, history and associated paperwork helps the residual value.

If your watch has the original box and paperwork showing the Serial Number, excellent. In fact, old Rolex boxes are very saleable in their own right. It's not a deal breaker if you do not have the original accessories but it does help.

Untitled design(8).png

The brand and model – is it a limited edition piece, is it one of the more sought after models? If you have the Model Number to hand, that is useful for valuation purposes.

Is it a Quartz or Automatic? Quartz movement are usually battery powered. An automatic or mechanical movement can consist of between 50 and 250 parts consisting of gears and springs that power the movement. Due to this attention to detail in the build and with so many moving parts, a Rolex with an automatic movement that has been maintained can often be higher in value than one with a quartz movement.

If you've swapped the bracelet or changed it, do you have the original links and bracelet?

Certain older models of iconic watch brands are now often valued at more than a new model.

So, if you have one on your wrist, consider it as a moveable, walking asset.

If you would rather not be parted from it completely then your luxury watch can also be used as an asset for short-term loans. This type of lending lends on the value of the asset only, so there are no credit checks, minimal paperwork, with loan terms of up to seven months and as long as the loan is repaid, then your asset returns to you.

At Gap Capital, we have numerous clients throughout the South East of England who regularly use their watches for short-term loans to fund business or personal cash gaps or to raise funds quickly for projects or other urgent requirements.

We offer a discreet valuation service, and can usually give you a same-day quotation and most importantly, as we wear similar watches ourselves, we know how to look after yours safely whilst in our care and awaiting your return.

If you would like a no-obligation quote, simply call us on 01273 950900 or email us at:

Fast, efficient and discreet. No credit checks. Trustworthy and independent Sussex based broker. Our services do not affect your credit rating.
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Drive Off With The Money

We're not recommending you become a getaway driver but have you considered utilising an unused classic or prestige vehicle in more ways than driving it? Or perhaps you want another car for your collection but would rather hold onto your liquidity in the bank?

Coutts reported a whopping 257% rise in some classic car values between 2005 and 2013. As the 'new' classics of the 1980's and 1990's emerge, there is a strong market currently for '80's icons such as the Audi Quattro, a car that symbolises motor rallying of the era, or how about the little Japanese sportster, the Toyota MR2? MK1's of these are getting rarer or even the Dagenham peoples cars of the '70's and '80's – tMark1 Ford Cortina's and Escorts, are cars, that many people now maturing a little more, remember fondly as their first set of wheels.

Expensive marques with good history and mileage always hold their residual values well. Newer cars of certain marques, likewise, are a very useable asset.

Gap Capital, lends against classic and prestige vehicles. We can advance cash loans quickly, without any credit checks, taking the vehicle as a short term security. Ideal if you are looking to buy another vehicle, need some more liquidity short-term for a business venture or for personal use.

As passionate classic car enthusiasts ourselves with our own collection, we know that security, dry and warm storage and vehicle care is of paramount importance. After all, it is your pride and joy, but if it's parked up in a garage, why not put it to work to earn its keep for next summer's jaunts?

We are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for your peace of mind and we are happy to quote competitive figures and rates on any short term finance secured on a suitable vehicle. Why not give us a call on 01273 950900 for an informal chat or drop us a line at

Which car would be on your wish list of 1980's cars then? The comments box is open below.

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