Contact Us via our online enquiry form, by telephone on 01273 950900 or by email and tell us about the asset you wish to raise funds against. We can normally give an estimated indication and then arrange an appointment to suit you at our Hove office or at your home or place of business.

Visit Us with your asset or arrange for us to visit you if you are based in South East UK. We are based in Brighton, Sussex and you can either request a discreet visit to your home or place of work or visit us by appointment in our Brighton office.

We will have one of our trained and professional valuers appraise your asset and we can then base a loan value against this.

Offer.  We will produce a formal loan offer for you. If you are in agreement, once the formal agreement is signed and upon proof of ID, the funds will be made available immediately.

Repay the loan and collect your asset. You can repay the loan plus any accrued interest at any time during the loan period without any early redemption cost. Note: If loan is not redeemed the asset may be sold to recoup lenders costs.


Brighton, Sussex: A new surfing related business required funds to purchase initial stock inventory and design work and could not raise capital from traditional source due to the business being seasonal in nature. Gap Capital provided finance up front to purchase stocks and this was secured on jewellery. Instant loan against the asset. No other requirements.

Lingfield, Surrey - Our client needed fast cashflow to cover some pressing family bills including private education fees, whilst awaiting proceeds from his professional career to be paid at a future date. A classic car from his small collection of vehicles was utilised as security for a loan which was issued within 48 hours. The car is fully insured whilst in our care and remains an appreciating asset for our client whilst in storage.

Sevenoaks, Kent - Barn conversion project. Funds provided against the property to complete works and increase value for resale purposes.

Horsham, Sussex - Start up costs for a business. Clients had no track record so were struggling to fund this venture, however, inheritance of fine jewellery was used as security to lend against. They did not want to sell the jewellery as it had sentimental value so this enabled them to get the business up and running and provide capital cashflow. The jewellery was redeemed at a later date when the business became established.

Hotel, Sussex - Funding for a total renovation project of a boutique hotel in central Brighton. Funds were provided in staged payments and the loan was provided against the security of business assets.

Gap Capital provides a simple and fast opportunity for borrowers to receive immediate funds against their personal assets, in complete privacy and at competitive rates. Our clients tend to require funding for opportunistic reasons rather than distressed reasons. Assets provide the security so there is no requirement for credit checks and therefore funds can be realised quickly in most cases.

We are a boutique lender and as such can be flexible and treat each client personally tailoring the lending to suit the circumstances.

We lend up to 80% against the value of your assets which is usually at least 30% more than other lenders and our rates are lower than some credit cards and bank facilities.  All loans are for a fixed term of 6 months. Minimum APR: 32.25% - Maximum APR: 69% 

Representative Example: 

Total Credit: £2000.

Loan term: 6 Months.

Monthly interest rate: 3% (fixed).

Interest for 6 months: £360.

Amount repayable in one instalment: £2360. 39.24% APR. 

Risk Warning: If the loan is not repaid, the asset may be sold to to recover the debt.